Tap-a-Tile: Guess the Picture, Logo, Flag, Landmark & More! (Google Play Store)

Tap-a-Tile: Guess the Picture Game

The object of Tap-a-Tile is to guess the picture obscured by the tiles on the board.  Tap on a tile to remove it and gradually reveal a larger part of the hidden picture. To gain the maximum score and coin reward, try to guess the picture / photo by removing as little tiles as possible.

How to Play

Reveal a part of the hidden picture, by tapping on tiles. Tiles closest to the centre are often more revealing, but will cost more points. A good strategy might be to start with the outer tiles, and work your way inward. The sooner you can guess the picture, the higher your score and coin reward will be.

Select letters from the keyboard rack in the sequence that you want them to fill the open input letter fields. To remove wrongly typed letters, tap on letters in the input fields to place them back on the keyboard rack, or tap on the eraser to clear all fields.

Words that are correct will automatically be saved and the corresponding letters will be removed from the keyboard rack. There are clue buttons available on the bottom right. If you get stuck, tap on the clues to either reveal a random letter, or remove all the incorrect letters

Guess the Picture – Lots of fun theme packs!

Your earned coins can be used to download more fun and exciting themed packs from the marketplace. The themed packs vary in terms of difficulty, grid size and number of levels. With each new pack installed, you will have a new opportunity to earn coins that can in turn be used to download another pack.

The Tap-a-Tile marketplace contains a huge amount of fun theme packs with amazing pictures for every possible interest. New packs are being added on a regular basis to make Tap-a-Tile even more diverse and fun.

Some of the ‘Guess the picture’ theme packs include:

How far will your brilliant mind take you?

Do you love word, picture and puzzle games? Get ready to guess hundreds of pictures, photos, logos, flags and lots more from various fun categories!

Reveal the picture tile-by-tile and use your imagination to guess the word. By playing Tap-a-Tile you'll increase your vocabulary, guessing skills & attentiveness and have hours of captivating fun at the same time!

If you need a challenging brain teaser, mind puzzle to test your logic skills, try this favorite picture quiz game with family and friends now!

Tap-a-Tile: Guess the Picture - Key Features

Tap-a-Tile has all the elements that make a picture riddle / quiz game great:

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