Maze Mind - Can you escape? (Available on Google Play Store)

Maze Mind - Can you escape?

Maze Mind is the ultimate 2D escape the maze puzzle game on Android! This exciting maze game contains various classic ‘escape in time’ mazes with varying difficulty. There are also several adventure maze game sets with exciting twists and surprises to keep you entertained for many hours!

The game starts off with some relatively easy mazes, but there are a lot of difficult labyrinths to solve that will challenge your brain! If you love maze games and the art of escaping mazes, and are not intimidated by memory and logic puzzles, this one is for you!

Can you find your way out of all the insane mazes before the time runs out?

How to Play

The object of this maze game is to guide the player ball through each maze to the exit in the shortest possible time and before the time runs out. Maze coins are awarded based on your performance and can be used to view hints etc.

To control the player, you can either use swipe control to guide the ball through the maze by simply swiping your finger, or switch to accelerometer control by tilting your device in the direction you want the ball to go.

Level Breakdown

There are over 550 mazes to solve in 8 exciting categories: Classic, Magic Portals, Ghostlands, The Blackout, Rags to riches, Lock and Key, Time to Time and Laser beams!

Each level set starts with easy mazes, but the levels quickly get more challenging. Once you have completed all 550+ levels, you can also generate unlimited new mazes / labyrinths to play using our proprietary built-in maze generating and maze solver algorithm.

Enjoy unlimited fun with unique procedural generated 2D labyrinths! Under the ‘Custom mazes’ level set, Maze Mind has a function that randomly generates a new maze with custom selected properties that can be saved and played.

Maze Mind Key Features

Mental Benefits

Maze Mind has all the elements that make a maze game great:

Free, AD supported version

This Free version of Maze Mind is ad supported. Please consider purchasing the in-app Pro version for an ad-free experience and to have full access to all the level sets and features.

Try it out: Maze Mind - Can you escape? (Maze / Labyrinth game / Android)